Application to see the face of your future baby

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If you are pregnant or dream of having a child, surely you have already stopped to think about what it would look like, even more so if you already have a partner.

If you keep imagining the face of your future baby but would like something more visual, you should know that there are apps that can give you a perspective of what your future baby will look like.

Below, check out the apps that can show you the face of your son or daughter:

BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face

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If you want to know your baby’s face, this is for sure one of the best apps for that, having been downloaded by more than 10 million people.

The app brings excellent artificial intelligence technology, making the result of the appearance of the child’s face more reliable.

The result is not 100% certain, it would be very difficult to get it right, but it does a very good comparison of the parents’ faces, automatically selecting the proportions of genetic inheritance and other characteristics.

You can also set your preferences, such as gender of the child, age, which parent should look more like hair and eye color, among others.


To get your result, it is simple:

1. First, select the photos of the biological parents;
2. Next, you can the preference settings;
3. Now just click on the button with the heart.
4. There you have the face of your future baby.

Baby Generator Baby Maker App

This is also an application that can analyze and show you the most likely facial features of your future baby through artificial intelligence.

The features will not be accurate, but you can get a sense of the face of your upcoming child.


It is a great activity if your family is expecting the arrival of a new member or member, so it will help satisfy your curiosity.

In addition, the app has other features, such as:

  • Time travel: for you to see yourself when you get older;
  • Youth Effect: see your face from when you were younger;
  • Sex change: see your face as if you were of the opposite sex;
  • Hairstyles: try out different hairstyles that match your face;
  • Among others.

Baby Generator

With this app, you can compare your face with the face of your partner, and see what your future children will look like, or what is already on the way.

The process is as follows:


1. Select one photo of the man and one photo of the woman who will be the biological parents;
2. Click the Analyze button and wait a few seconds;
3. The face of your future baby will appear.
4. Save the result to your photo library and share it with your family and friends;
5. The selected photos should be in portrait for the best result.

The app also provides the following functions:

  • Baby names: for you who are still in doubt on names;
  • Change baby face: for better accuracy;
  • White sounds: for you who already have a baby, the white sounds help to calm the baby and put him to sleep;

Applications to remove background from photos:

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