Apps to measure blood pressure with your cell phone


Blood pressure is the pressure inside the arteries through which blood passes. This force is defined by the beating of the heart, the organ in charge of transporting blood throughout the body.

The best apps to measure blood pressure with your cell phone.


Its measurement is essential for people with high blood pressure, and knowing the best apps to measure blood pressure can be of great help in this regard.

Blood pressure can be measured, and when the value of delamuda, it can cause problems such as hypertension. In this sense, here follows a list with 4 apps to measure blood pressure with the mobile.


This is a blood pressure monitoring application that has an intuitive and user-friendly design.

With the help of this application, you will be able to monitor the dynamics of blood pressure changes in the form of graphs and statistics based on time and date.

Monitoring is easy. You can record systolic and diastolic blood pressure, measurement time, pulse, weight and pulse pressure.


It uses simple tools to manage the records: plot, average and export the data by e-mail.


The iCare application measures blood pressure by pressing the screen with one finger and the camera with the other for a few seconds.

It can also measure heart rate, vision, hearing, lung capacity, color blindness and respiratory rate.

Plus it has a pedometer as well.

Only available on iOs

Heart rate meter

This application is one of the most widely used applications for Android and is also used by many athletes. To use it, simply press your finger on the device’s camera for a few seconds.


In addition to providing heart rate results, it also displays a graph of your heart rate.

Available only on Android.

Withings Healt Mate

The application is not only for measuring blood pressure. It aims to take care of the user’s overall health.

It helps to lose weight, to control sleep, blood pressure and to exercise more. It has several tools included to optimize its use.

Why use health apps?
The number of users of health apps continues to increase. This is because, with the advancement of modern-day technologies, they have become important aids for preventive measures and medical care.

These apps have multiple functions and provide advantages that justify their daily use.

Main benefits:


– Short distance: technology has the ability to shorten the distance. Through health apps, people can not only remotely access secure and reliable information, but also consult doctors, send tests and receive results reports.

-Ease of use: The simplicity and numerous functions of the app are other highlights. In the app, the language is simpler and the technology is lower, which ends up being a great advantage for the patient.

– Information storage: In this way, health status can be monitored in a more practical way and ultimately encourages users to pay more attention to quality of life and well-being.

It is worth remembering that, apps should be used as a database tool and shared with your physician.

This app cannot replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.