A listing with the names quoted for Property 11 began to appear on the internet and the correlation is quite eclectic. It has ex-BBB, miss ass, ex-journalist and evidently, several controversial celebrities to help the reality to be very controversial.

One of the names that caused great controversy is that of the former full-time presenter, Fernando Rocha, who until recently commanded Bem Estar, but left the station. Fernando Rocha is quite expensive from the public and being available on the market, he could be one of the contenders for the lord prize.

Another name that has been quite popular is that of former Paquita Ana Paula, who accused her ex-husband of insulting her, but then a video leaked revealing that the story was quite different from what she told. It is worth noting that Property already had an ex-Paquita, Cátia Paganote joined the reality show, but did not manage to reach the final.

And there are more names on the list, check out: the former SBT presenter, Jackeline Petkovic; Jesus Luz, ex-boyfriend of singer Madonna; Sylvia Design; Carol Dias, Faby César and even an ex-BBB, who was on the 18th of the full reality show.

Marcos Mion gave a statement to the Jovem Pan radio station and, as expected, it was raised about Property 11, which is supposed to premiere in September. The presenter did not want to allow any details and said that he could not name any of the names he heard backstage. But Mion let slip that he already has celebrities looking for him, asking to join the country reality.

" I think not. How it works: It has a large number of names. Everyone recommends names. It has a lot of artists that consume me. This year was insane, as last year was quite successful, the only beginning to allow a probe, artists of all degrees. Then we recommend it”, said the presenter.