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4 apps for measuring blood pressure

Have you ever heard that it is possible to measure blood pressure with a touch of your cell phone?

Hypertension affects a large part of the world’s population, and the use of technology can be a great ally to maintain the population’s health and consequently avoid heart problems.


With this application it is possible to measure the heart rate and reveals as if it were a hospital monitor. It is only for iPhone and costs $0.99 at the App Store.

To measure the pressure, just press your finger on the camera for a few seconds and you are done!

Heart Rate Meter

The app is one of the most popular for Android and also used by many athletes. To use it, just press your finger on the device’s camera for a few seconds.

In addition to showing you the heart rate result, it shows you graphs about your heart rate. This app is only available for android for free…

Health Mate

This app is not only for measuring blood pressure. It aims to take care of the user’s entire health.

It helps you lose weight, controls your nights sleep, your blood pressure, and helps you exercise more. It has several gadgets that optimize its use.

It has the Withings scale to help with weight control, the Withings blood pressure monitor to measure your blood pressure whenever you need to.


iCare measures your blood pressure by simply pressing one finger on the screen and one on the camera for a few seconds.

It measures heart rate, vision, hearing, lung capacity, color blindness, and breathing rate. It also has a step meter.

Even with the technology to help us control heart disease, we can’t help but prevent it.

It is very important that we maintain healthy habits and not neglect our health in order to avoid future problems.

It is worth remembering that the user should always seek a doctor to maintain the routine of the heart exams.

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