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Cell phone tracking application: how to find Android and iPhone

Cell phone tracking apps can be useful for finding your lost smartphone inside your home, monitoring your children and other relatives, or simply sharing your location with other users.

Available for Android and iPhone , some programs can also be used to track stolen cell phones.

The apps are free and can be downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store.

Below is a list of four free cell phone tracking apps.

Whistle Me

Whistle Me is an Android phone tracking app, ideal for people who forget where their phone is and want to track a lost phone.

The app makes the device emit a sound when the user whistles.

Whistle Me has functions to select what the ringtone will be and for how long it will be used in the sound notification.

In addition, under “detection level” you can choose whether the device should detect a specific number of whistles in sequence, which need to be loud and long.


GPS Family Tracker KidsControl is a free app for tracking kids’ cell phones.

The program is aimed at those who want to keep track of where their relatives are, monitoring their route and sending notifications when the person arrives or leaves somewhere.

You can use the application to track other people’s cell phones, view the user’s battery level and location history, and register places such as home, school, work, and the market.

Thus, the app allows you to locate a person by cell phone.

Find My and Find My Device

Find My is an application available only for iPhone .

In addition to tracking lost cell phones and making the owner find out their location in a few minutes, it has a remote lock option, preventing access to unauthorized people who may be in possession of the devices.

The app is also available for iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch.

Alternatively on Android, you can track your phone via Google with Find My Device.

The app works through Gmail email and allows you to find your cell phone, as well as block and erase the smartphone’s data in the event of theft or robbery.


Life360 is an app for tracking other people’s cell phones and can be useful for families.

Besides locating and finding out where a person is, it is possible to share the location with several users.

The group of friends can create a circle of connections to track the movement of the desired contacts.

This way friends can monitor each other and know if they are in safe places, with their location displayed on a map.

The invitation to authorize access can be sent on social networks such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter.

The app can also serve as a tool for those who always get lost from friends at parties or celebrations and seek to track cell phone location.

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