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Applications to remove background from photos

Posting a photo on social networks sometimes doesn’t require much work, but it all depends on how demanding you are.

Professional editors use complex programs to make almost perfect edits on photos, but in our day-to-day life, besides not needing so much professionalism, sometimes we don’t have the necessary skills to edit with these programs.

Fortunately, some applications can help us edit photos in a faster, easier, and more satisfying way for social networks.

One of the photo edits that can give a lot of headaches to the layman is removing the background from a photo. But wait, some apps can do that too. Let’s get to know some of them.


One of the most popular applications for removing photo backgrounds. TouchRetouch allows you to modify and edit images in a variety of styles and colors.

The app comes with a wide variety of tools and features, such as:

  • Remove wires, power lines, and other linear objects;
  • Eliminate objects such as street signs, trash cans, and traffic lights;
  • Getting rid of foreground meshes;
  • Remove background people and backgrounds;
  • Erase pimples, skin blemishes and wrinkles most naturally;
  • Restore old photos.

The app even has tutorials for you to learn fast with the best tips and start editing your photos.

You can download TouchRetouch on Android and iOS.

Background Eraser by handyCloset Inc.

An easy to use and very intuitive app, which brings as its main function that of removing the background from a digital photo.

To remove the background from a photo using the app, follow these steps:

1. Open the photo in the application;
2. Select the background to be removed;
3. Delete the background;
4. That’s it!

If you want, you can add things to the background of your photo, like accessories, figurines, and other objects.

The Background Eraser app can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

Background Eraser -Erase Photo

The app, which specializes in photo background removal, is an app that can be used for professional work due to its precision.

With its photo editing tool, you will be able to cut and paste any photo and image you want, as well as remove marks on the photo, and add colors and logo.

The application allows professional editing and tools for you to unleash your imagination and make beautiful artwork or just beautiful photos for your social networks.

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