Some parents have a very common question, “Is there a tracking service that allows me to track my children’s cell phones and other family members’ phones? Is it free?”

If you are asking yourself the same question all the time, you are not alone.


It seems that every parent is trying to find out where their children are and what they are doing.

It is very important that parents know exactly where their children are. It is very important that parents know where their children are, because it is very dangerous for children to leave the family home.

Let’s discuss 5 Best Cell Phone Trackers that will help you find the perfect device to track your child’s cell phone. Go there?

5 Best Free Apps to Track My Phone!


Here are the 5 best free apps to help you track your kids cell phones.

Location Services – Family Location – GPS Tracker.

Location App – This is a free app that allows you to track the location of any device you want to track.360. You can track a specific device with this app, which uses a GPS to track a cell phone in real time.

You can also get smart notifications to let you know when someone is consuming a battery or driving a vehicle. This will allow you to track people practically wherever you want!


Plus, you can use these apps in your browser and download them for free. It works with Android and iOS devices.

1 – Find My Phone

Location tracker for your cell phone. Free cell phone tracking app.

This is another mobile phone tracker that is widely used and was made with one goal in mind: to help parents find their children’s cell phone.

This allows you to track the exact location of your kids’ cell phones and even your own device in case your kids’ phone is stolen.


Find My Phone will keep you updated on the location of all your family members.

This is a popular and free Mobile Tracker for Android devices. You can use your Samsung account to log into the app.

2 – Mobile Phone Location – RVA Security.

Find My Friends is a location service offered by Apple to help you locate friends and family.

Using this Mobile Tracker, you will be able to locate the device you want to track – and you will be able to do it in real time!

This is a very useful app for anyone who wants to track their phone easily and for free.

This is a very useful app that helps you track friends easily. It is very fast and secure. The app is available for free download from the Apple App Store.

Mobile Tracker allows you to track and locate any iOS device for free! It also tracks other iPhones and iPods. Well, you get the idea! It’s easy to download and use! Well, you can download these apps for free!

I hope you find this useful.

3 – Glympse

Track my phone in case of loss or theft – Security.
This is considered the best location tracking app available on the Internet.

Glympse Cell Phone Tracker is a service that allows you to quickly find the device you want to monitor.

4 – Mobile Finder

allows you to instantly find any cell phone on your family or friends property and also allows you to see the entire location history.

It’s like you can see how many times other devices have passed by; this way you know exactly where the other devices are.

Glympse also allows you to share your location with others. For this, you need to provide your cell phone ID to enable GPS tracking.

Glympse supports different types of devices, such as iPhone, Android, and Windows.

5. Find my device.

You can track and trace the location of multiple cell phones for free.

Google provides the best location service for Android smartphones.

It is designed to allow you to find the cell phone that you have lost or stolen.

It is a very useful app for finding your lost or stolen device. However, you can also use it as a location app.

To use this app, you need to have an Android device and the device you want to monitor.