Did you know that there is an App that measures Glucose and helps to control Diabetes?

Well now you can download and use an app that will help you control your Diabetes.


It’s not like those devices that prick your finger and measure your blood sugar through your blood.

In fact, that’s not its role.

But, it has multiple functions and here we are going to show you each one of them so you can use it in a way that will help you.

Today in Brazil, there are about 40 million pre-diabetic people.
Within that number, according to statistics, 25% will become diabetic in the next few years.


In other words, diabetes today is a common disease among Brazilians, that’s why today we brought this amazing app.

Where can I download the App that measures Glucose and helps to control Diabetes?
The App that measures Glucose and helps to control Diabetes is available for Android phones through Play Store.

And for iPhone phones of any model through the Apple Store directly on your cell phone.

Simply search for the name “Glucose Control” or “Glucose Control” and it will appear for you to download.


But don’t worry, the App that measures Glucose and helps control Diabetes is free and you can download it for free on your cell phone.

Once downloaded, you can do many things to help control your diabetes.

And among them are:

Create your profile, or more than one profile to control.
Record all the medications you take so the app can tell you the right times to take them.
Record test dates and appointments so the app can send you alerts about their days and times.
Control your diet with foods and recipes that will help you control blood sugar levels.
Share charts and schedules with people and even directly with your doctor.
You can create a profile for diabetics and pre-diabetics.


Did you like it? So now run to your cell phone’s app store and download the Glucose Metering App.