Get to know the apps that compare your face with famous people


Apps are part of our lives, whether to control finances and buy monthly at the supermarket or have fun with friends, record important moments, or just as a hobby.

Among the apps for fun with friends and family, some can compare your face with the faces of famous people.


Can you imagine the application saying that you look like Chris Evans, or if you are a woman, that you look like Angelina Jolie. What would your friends say?

Well, you can find out today. We present three applications that will compare your face with those of famous people. Let’s go!

Look alike – Celebrity

The Look alike – Celebrity app compares your face with famous people using artificial intelligence.

It has a large database, so you can do a wide search to get the best comparison result.

You can compare a photo taken on the fly through the app itself or use a picture in your gallery, either yours or other people’s.


The app has, in its database, several categories of celebrities, such as musicians, actors, YouTubers, comedians, DJs, big businessmen, and others.

The essential features of the application are free, but you can have a lot of fun with them. However, if you prefer, you can purchase a paid plan, where more tools are available.

The app Loo alike can be found for Android and iOS.


The Gradient app, just like the previous one, can compare your face with famous people’s faces and tell which one you look like the most.

Besides this tool, which uses artificial intelligence, the app is a photo editor, containing tools to change eyes, nose, lips, body, and hair color, and apply filters to the photos.

Gradient is available for Android and iOS.



The famous TikTok, a fever among young people, is a social network where users can post short videos and is very famous for having dance trends.

The app also brings several filters and among them is one where you can compare your vision with celebrities and even Disney characters. Take note, the name of this filter is Shapeshifting.

As a social network, TikTok has many other features, besides being able to earn some money on the platform and become famous.