Following the advancement of technology and authorization from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS), it is now possible to measure blood pressure through your mobile device.

The user only has to press his finger on the camera for a few seconds. Check out the applications for measuring blood pressure with your cell phone.


Technology is constantly developing, bringing improvements to assist and facilitate the health surveillance process.

Several applications have been created to help many people in the control of possible hypertension, know the applications to measure blood pressure by cell phone.

– Health Monitor

The Health app is available on Android and is responsible for monitoring blood pressure.

Through this app, Galaxy Watch Active2 owners can use smartwatches to measure blood pressure.


The watch analyzes the pulse wave through a built-in sensor and determines the result through the relationship between the calibration value and the change in blood pressure.

In a statement, Samsung said that the use of a traditional bracelet is required for calibration.

– SmartBP

It is a blood pressure monitoring application that is available on both Android and iPhonewith an intuitive and easy to use design.

With the help of the application, you can monitor the dynamics of blood pressure changes in the form of graphs and statistics according to time and date.


Monitoring is easy. You can record your systolic and diastolic blood pressure, measurement time, pulse, weight and pulse pressure.

Use simple tools to manage logs: plot, average and export data by e-mail.

The application is designed to be used as a database tool and shared with your physician. This application is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

– Blood pressure (bpresso)

The blood pressure app is available on Android and helps you collect and analyze your measurements and all related activities such as heart rate, medications, exercise and weight.


Graphs and statistics allow you to track results and continuously monitor your blood pressure.

Thanks to the reminders, you will never forget to measure your blood pressure and take the right medication.

The application is only used to record blood pressure measurement values and related parameters.

It is not a substitute for medical consultations, so do not change your treatment plan without first consulting a specialist.

– Blood Pressure

The Blood Pressure app is a software available only on Android that is designed for users who want to monitor their blood pressure and understand high blood pressure.

The program analyzes the data to help you navigate through the numbers and get accurate results.

You will learn more about the treatment of hypertension and can take this information to your physician. All measured values are stored in the database.

The data is exported in two convenient file formats CSV and XML or PDF. The program will notify you to perform daily measurements. You can set filters and choose the parameters to be displayed in your account.

The developer recommends using a tonometer to check the results. It should also be remembered that this software cannot replace the advice of qualified specialists.