It is important to have a healthy life, with a healthy body, so that we can perform our daily tasks and have a full life.

However, the pace of modern life brings a lot of stress, people eat more and more industrially sweetened snacks, or don’t have time to prepare a more nutritionally balanced meal, in addition to a sedentary lifestyle.


In short, the result is an uncontrolled and unbalanced body, bringing numerous health problems to today’s population.

One of the growing problems is diabetes, which affects 537 million adults worldwide, according to data from the International Diabetes Federation.

  • Today, technology can help us with many things, including health control. There are several great apps for monitoring blood glucose throughout the day, and we have brought some of them for you. Check them out.

    Glucose Monitoring Applications

    Apps that help monitor your blood glucose level can be beneficial for the population. With these apps, it is easier to store data collected during the day and week and take it to your doctor for analysis.

    This collected data can help to adjust medication and dosage, and it is also easier for the doctor to see if the treatment is having an effect.

    Below, we have brought two great applications that will help you monitor your glucose level:

    1- mySugr

    The first app is mySugr, an app designed to facilitate glucose monitoring for diabetics and pre-diabetics.

    This app has been ranked three times by Healthline as the best diabetes app and has been featured in places like Forbes and The Washington Post.

    The app is for type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes, which, as the name implies, occurs during pregnancy.

    Some of the features of mySugr are:

    • Easy and personalized dashboard (diet, medications, carbohydrate intake, blood glucose levels);
    • Graphs of blood glucose levels;
    • HbA1c estimate in a few seconds
    • Daily, weekly and monthly reports that can be shared with your physician
    • Secure data backup.

    The mySugr app is available on Android and iOS.

    2- FreeStyle LibreLink – EN

    This second glucose monitoring app is easy to use for all ages, saving the history of blood glucose level measurements.

    The app also sends alerts at times when your sugar levels are high, which helps you remember to take care of your health even in a turbulent routine.

    With the FreeStyle LibreLink app you can:

    • View your current glucose reading, trend arrow, and glucose history;
    • Receive low or high glucose alarms with the FreeStyle Libre sensors
    • View reports
    • Share your data with your physician, making consultations easier.