Apps to manage diabetes online


The app can detect the number of people with diabetes by using an app. This is a new way to increase the amount of sugar in the palm of the hand.

A study conducted by the American College of Cardiology in New Orleans (USA) showed that there were good results.


When the app was created, it was designed so that people could recognize their own blood sugar levels.

This reduces the finger flicking that people are afraid of.

This is an application to measure the heart rate of a person with a fully developed cardiovascular system; it is also being tested by researchers at the University of California in the United States.

How does it work? An app that detects blood glucose levels based on when the user places his or her finger under a flash in order to detect the pulse of a person with diabetes.

This allows the pulse rate to be different from the pulse rate. During the study of 54 people participated , more than glances . C


nter the differences in the frequency with which people with diabetes take the pulse more often than people who do not have diabetes.

Following these results, the researchers determined that there were patterns of fluctuation in blood glucose and HbA1c levels in other patient groups.

To do this, they can use different glucose levels in the app to capture the blood levels of the waves .