3 best apps to track your phone Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, a good app to track a cell phone can be found in the official cell phone store.

With this, if it is lost or stolen, you can track it and possibly restore your device.


Therefore, we have separated the best cell phone tracking apps that we can find on the app market, both for Android and iOS devices.

There are 3 apps in total, one for iOS only, one for Android, and one for both platforms. Both have powerful tracking features that help users locate their devices easily.

However, what really made us choose this app was its respective functionality.

So even though they have similar tools, they can be different and serve different tasks.Regardless, having a good cell phone tracker can help you in the worst cases, which as far as we know are thefts and robberies that happen every day.


We have separated for you three of the best cell phone tracking apps available in the official store for your cell phone.

Each of them has its own features. whistle me, Family Tracker, GPS Kids Control and find my phone

These three apps have been added to our list, but it is worth remembering that there are many more. However, according to the research conducted, these are definitely the most popular among them.

Moreover, to please both Android and iOS users, we have separated the apps for these devices. As for features, don’t worry, both apps have great features.Of course, each of them has a purpose.


But overall, all three do a good job of tracking your phone.

Anyway, enough winding up, let’s get to that list! whistle me Whistle Me is one of the best Android phone tracking apps on the app market today.

Like most apps, Whistle Me has standard tracking. But what sets this app apart is that the user can set the sound to play at any time.

This is especially useful if the person has lost their device or is late for an appointment. This way, the app will make the selected sound and you will be able to know where your mobile device is.


In addition, you can choose a “detection level,” a feature that can be set so that the app detects a certain number of whistles to make it easier to locate them. How awesome is that?

KidsControl GPS Family Tracker This app has a slightly different focus, but allows you to track your phone in the same way. As the name suggests, this app is focused on tracking.

In other words, it allows parents or guardians of children and teens to track devices to understand and monitor routes used, locations visited, and more.

It is used primarily as a form of protection, notifying parents of all the places the device passes through. In addition, it is very useful for theft or robbery that can happen on a daily basis.

Although it is a very simple proposition, it is really an application worth downloading and getting started. One of its advantages is that it is available for Android and IOS.

Also, it is worth noting that the app takes up about 13 MB of your device. I mean, it’s light.Find my It’s a very simple app, but very powerful and very useful, especially if your phone is stolen, robbed or lost anything.

In that sense, the app has a tracking option that can find your lost phone and show the exact location of the device in different places.

In addition, it has an option that not all tracking apps have, the Lock. That is, you can lock your device to prevent malicious people from using your phone.

However, this app is only available for Apple devices. That is, no Android phone can access and cannot be tracked by this app.