No matter how modest or robust your phone is, problems related to high power consumption still arise. While it is possible to set Android to use a very small battery without running other applications, features dedicated to improving performance hold the promise of allowing stable smartphone use.

In this article, you will learn about seven apps that can not only improve power management, but also improve your device’s performance. Free up RAM space, close non-essential services running in the background, and disable networks or sensors to save battery life.

1 – Battery Time Optimizer (download)


The Battery Time Optimizer service has two ways of doing this: you can enable the application’s automatic actions or configure the software’s parameters. To extend battery time all you need to do is click the “Extend Time” button.
When you do this, applications running in the background and the WiFi connection of the device will be disconnected. If you want to update the power options, but still want your internet to continue working, simply click the “Skip” button.

Turn on “Close”, your connection will be closed, increase battery life.
Closing applications and network connections will save energy

nformation about power hungry applications can be seen with an arrow icon, which is displayed below the remaining battery time.
Use the highlighted buttons to control application functions

Preferences for data synchronization, screen lock, screen brightness, and WiFi or Bluetooth connection, for example, can be manually adjusted using the buttons next to the foot – to change lock and synchronization times, press the option and select what you want.

2 – My Battery Saver


Efficient, easy to use, and beautiful, My Battery Saver is an app dedicated to saving energy. One of the tricks is the fact that in order to open the activation mode, you must tap the screen.

It is also possible to customize the actions of the application: time to lock the screen, disable animation, close WiFi and Bluetooth connection, and even adjust the brightness level can be set to be activated or not.

Wallpapers are also included in this beautiful application
Several theme options come with the wizard – those who want, besides saving battery, to use the look of their phone can download My Battery Saver for free from

3 – One-Touch Battery Saver

As the name suggests, One-Touch Battery Saver requires one touch from the user to activate. Due to this action, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and data synchronization are disabled.


Vibrating notifications and the dashboard backlight have also been preempted with the app’s native preferences.
App parameters can be adjusted manually

Even though One-Touch Battery Saver prioritizes automatic functions, it allows manual setting of the battery saving mode.

As highlights, there are two styles of widgets dedicated to improving device management, as well as information about remaining power time and three different modes of operation.

4 – Doze – For Better Battery Life (download)

Powered by the native power saving engine launched in Android 6.0, Doze – For Better Battery Life is a service that can extend battery life.


The service works when the mobile screen is in standby mode: network connection (2G/3G/4G and WiFi), data synchronization and program updates are interrupted due to the screen lock.

Applications in sleep mode “come back to life” when the phone is used again.
Bringing your phone back to life is also very easy: Just turn on the screen and off you go. Your apps will start working normally again.

5 – Android Optimizer (download)

Android Optimizer is a service that aims to free up RAM memory by disabling unnecessary functions of the smartphone.

Deleting cached files, app logs, and APKs, for example, can be enabled from the service’s functionality and storage options.
Improve your mobile performance and save battery power with this app

As an additional function, shortcuts that enable power saving functions can also be accessed.

6 – PowerPro – Battery Saver (download)

Known as one of the most popular mobile app add-ons, PSafe Total is a complete suite that allows constant monitoring of phone data.

The app also features antivirus and a strong anti-crime security mechanism (check out the full review of the service and download the app for free here!).
In addition to allowing the removal of unnecessary files and even improve the device’s screen for games, the service offers the user a shortcut that allows the download of the tool

PowerPro – Battery Saver: check the remaining charging time, see which applications are consuming power and also force close one or another application using this interface.

PowerPro – Battery Saver can also be downloaded using the PSafe Total interface under “Battery Manager”.
See how to save battery without running any apps on your Android

7 – Greenify (download)

Popular on root devices, Greenify now no longer requires superuser rights to run.

Focused on improving power management systems, the app has tools that can further improve the performance of an Android smartphone.

A power saving test mode based on the Doze engine can also be activated
Greenify’s main function is to put apps running in the background to sleep, resulting in efficient power saving.

In addition, test functions can be activated. But beware: for the main features to be used, you must enable their accessibility options.
An aggressive save button based on the Doze mechanism, enabling sleep mode with shortcuts, and dismissing certain notifications are other great features.