Our cell phone today is a fundamental tool for daily life, apart from the fact that it is already essential for work, for example, and it is also a device where we store all kinds of files and personal information.

These are more than enough reasons to worry about applying some technology that allows us to track the cell phone in the event that this is necessary.


That is why, below we present the best apps to track your cell phone:

1- Find my device

We start with this app, if you are wondering how to track the location of a cell phone without installing software, Find my device by Google is a good solution.

It is an online interface that allows you to track the location of your cell phone without installing any application on the device. However, you will need the Google ID of the device you want to track.

2- mSpy

For us it is the best GPS tracking app.


It is not only the best phone location tracking app, but it is also the simplest to use.


Easy installation: you can start using mSpy with three simple steps (as I will demonstrate in the next section).
Stealth app: this app works silently like a ninja. If you are using mSpy, the other person won’t even know that you are tracking their location (unless you decide to tell them yourself).

3- Geo Tracker

This amazing app can help you to:

  • Travel to an unknown area without getting lost.
  • Tell your friends how to repeat the route you took.
  • Use someone else’s route that is stored in GPX or KML.
  • Mark important or interesting points of your trip.

4- Google Maps


Google Maps allows you to share your location. To do this, you must open maps and go to the “Share” tab.  This allows you to send your location link to anyone. They can follow you as long as you want (the limit is forever).