Mobile tracking applications allow you to locate a lost smartphone in a person’s home, monitor their children or other relatives, or simply share a person’s location with others.

Some apps are useful for locating lost or stolen cell phones. All available apps are free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Here is a list of the four best free tracking apps for cell phones.

1. whistle me


A useful app that can help you find lost mobile phones easily. It allows you to find GPS location history and view people’s location history.

Whistle Me is an app that can be used to locate lost Android smartphones. It is ideal for those who often forget where their device is and want to find out when it is lost.

Whistle Me allows you to track a phone using a smartphone app that causes it to start making a sound when someone says something to it. Whistle Me lets you choose the sound that will sound when someone touches the screen, and the time it will be played after someone has touched the screen.

You can choose whether a device should detect certain types of whispers that are loud and that are very loud. If so, it is necessary for the application to have strong detection capabilities.

2. GPS Family Tracker KidsControl


GPS Family Tracker KidsControl is a mobile app that allows parents to easily track the location of their children.

The program is intended for people who want to know where their relatives are and can track their movements and send them messages when that person arrives or leaves.

You can also track other people’s cell phones, check the battery level and location history, and even record the user’s place of residence, work and school. This application allows you to locate someone’s phone easily using your cell phone.

3. Find my iPhone (iOS)

Find My Android Device (Android) The Find My iPhone app allows you to locate all mobile devices that have been left at home, but does not allow you to recover deleted messages.


Find My is a free app that is available for iPhones (iOS). KidsControl GPS Family Tracker is an app for locating lost cell phones. It allows you to track a lost device and allows the owner to quickly find its location.

In addition, this app allows you to lock your phone remotely, which means that no one who has unauthorized access to your device can access it. It is available as a free app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Find My Android Device (Android) is a free app that lets you track your Android smartphone using Google Find My Device (Android). Find My Phone works with Gmail and allows you to find your phone and prevent it from being stolen.

4. Life360

Life360 is an app that allows you to track other people’s cell phones, which is very useful for families. Besides locating and finding out where someone is, you can easily share your location with other people. Friends can easily create a list to track the movements of their friends and family members.


Friends can easily track each other and know if they are safe or not, as well as see a map of their location. You can send invitations to social networks like WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter to allow someone to access your account.

This app can be used by people who lose friends at parties and want to find out where their friends are.