Did you know that it is possible to measure blood pressure with the touch of your cell phone? It seems like something from the future, but it can be done now.

Hypertension affects a large part of the world’s population, and technology can be an important ally in maintaining the population’s health and thus avoiding heart problems.


The application measures the heart rate and displays it like a hospital monitor. It is available only for iPhone and costs $0.99 at the App Store.

To measure the pressure, users only need to hold their finger on the camera for a few seconds!

Heart Rate Monitor This app is one of the most used apps on Android and is also used by many athletes.

To use it, simply hold your finger on the device’s camera for a few seconds.


In addition to providing heart rate results, it also provides a graph of your heart rate. This app is only for Android and is free.

Health Mate

The Health Mate app is not just for measuring blood pressure. It is designed to take care of the health of all users. It can help with weight loss, monitor your sleep, blood pressure, and help you exercise more.

It has several widgets that optimize its use. It has a Withings scale to help with weight control and a Withings manometer to measure pressure when needed.



iCare measures blood pressure by pressing one finger on the screen and another finger on the camera for a few seconds.

It can also measure heart rate, vision, hearing, lung capacity, color blindness, and breathing rate.

It also has a pedometer. Although we have technology to help us monitor heart disease, we can’t help but avoid it.


It is important to maintain healthy habits all the time, not to neglect your health so as not to have problems later on.

It is worth mentioning that users should always see a doctor for regular heart tests.